Caricature illustration at Elmedia8

Passionate about drawing, illustration and cartoons, we love to create great caricatures, here’s an example of a recent project.

We designed these to accommodate scale flexibility, the client required us to draw and produce the charactures for large scale print, around 2 – 3 meters high and also accommodate small scale print and web sharing. As professionals in design, print and online display we created using vector graphics so there is no loss in quality and will not pixilate at large scale.

Below are some screenshots of extreme close ups to demonstrate the close up quality when viewd on large scale display. Contact us for a friendly chat about caricature, cartoons and illustrations

Face cut out design for fun.

LARGE scalable illustrations that do not lose quality when enlarged

Close up detail

Vector illustration created in Adobe Illustrator with some Photoshop.

Some thumbnails of illustration