Each job is individual and can be priced upon application. As a guide we offer a 3 tier service.

To download a pdf click here: Elmedia8 Price Lists 2017 – Sheet1

Graphic Design Price List & Creative Services Price Guide in Manchester at Elmedia

Basic Blue

Basic Blue will get the job done, professionally, on budget, on brand and on time. This by no means, means loss of quality, all our work is of a very high standard, Basic Blue will deliver what you require, it will not give you unlimited revisions ie: after the design has been done, changing some text to upper or lower case or moving a picture from front of a leaflet to the back of the leaflet, adding more text or images (than the original instruction), it will of course, allow correction of anything that is an error on the 1st proof.  We will always include your company brand guide lines in the design ie: your colours, fonts and recognised style and design to your brief. Basic Blue does not include paragraphs of text typed by us or images sourced by us, it includes us taking your content and making it look super great. Great choice if your priority is professional communications on a budget. Basic Blue gets the job done and done very well.

Rich Red 

Rich Red will allow us time to produce more elaborate work and engage in more communications to ensure the work is going as you’d envisaged. Rich Red allows more customising and elaborate detail too, includes typing (we will type up to 300 words), images must still be sourced/supplied by you (although we can be flexible on this depending upon requirements). While Rich Red doesn’t include unlimited revisions it includes an hour of design changes as directed by you. Rich Red provides peace of mind that you have control over your design or you can rest assured we’ll create something super if you’ve really no idea how to start with a project, we will guide you through it.  A great choice if you want more decisions in directing the design or allowing us to get on to make you something special.

Bespoke Black

Bespoke Black will allow us to create the creme de la creme of design, with or without your design direction, we will go all out to produce work Saatchi himself would be envious of. We will produce something spectacular and extra special. With unlimited revisions we can act as your technical hand, making changes as directed or we can produce an alternative for choosing. We will type unlimited text for the media and source suitable images (may be subject to extra cost depending of price of image licence to use), we will create graphics or photo edit (within reason) to manifest in media your exacting desires. Bespoke Black is the perfect tier if brand image is of utmost importance to you and/or your company and you’re looking for the best possible design and media service to reflect your business or individual requirements.

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