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Graphic Design Case Study – Vector Illustration, Academic Diagram

An academic client in Manchester wanted his sketch drawn up professionally for small scale print in a book and also large scale print for exhibition display and projection as a visual leaning aid for students.
Vector graphics were clearly the way to go as scale was of the essence. So work began.
Such a simple diagram looks like it would take a few hours at the most but this was rather complex for several reasons, the client had presented his sketch on the straight plane but provided reference images in emails that were on a cardinal plane so it was necessary to play around to see which worked best.
The diagram uses the metaphor of white light and filtration systems to communicate a complex concept of culture, having studied light at university as part of my course I knew the red wavelength is the longest so I was able to put the colours in order to correspond with the physics, making it more understandable to observers who are familiar with the rainbow colours (visible spectrum of white light) and the order they fall in due to wavelength (ROYGBIV – Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green etc). Getting all technical but we love technical things. As you can see from the art boards there was quite a lot of workings out, trying and experimenting to find that ‘just rightness’ which makes a design ‘just work’. 

I also knew that study of the electromagnetic spectrum wasn’t all for nothing! 🙂 Finally!

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